Michael_WebsiteKnowing how much God loves us, the people of St. Timothy’s are committed to welcoming our neighbors into joy-filled worship celebrations, meaningful programs for all generations, and opportunities to serve the needs of the communities around us. Growing closer to God and one another inspires us to get to meet new people and make a difference in the world around us. Everyone is welcome here, whatever your faith background may or may not be.

One reason that’s so important to me is that as young adults my wife and I didn’t go to church for twenty years. We cared a lot about sharing good values with our kids and being involved in the community, but we had so many questions about the church it didn’t seem like we would fit in. The fact that I’ve become a priest makes it clear that God is patient and has a good sense of humor! When I say that everyone is welcome at St. Timothy’s I really mean it.

Our focus is on developing deeper relationships with each other and with God, beginning with our weekly worship services and fellowship times. We know that growing spiritually is a lifelong journey and that faith means a lot more when we live it out in the world. I’m glad you’re checking out our website and invite you to visit sometime. The gifts you’ve been given are totally unique, and it will be a blessing to get to know each other.

Rev. Michael Carney