A Message from our new Rector, Nick: “Let’s get together soon!”
Michelle Baca, our parish administrator, has put together a sign-up sheet for you to sign up and meet me for coffee or lunch and conversation. These are informal gatherings–just a time to chat and share stories. Over time, I hope to have a chance to talk with everyone. If none of the times or days on the schedule work, please contact Michelle ( and we will figure out a time after I am in the office. I look forward to meeting each of you and hold you in my prayers–continue to hold Bethany, Bennett, Lennox and I in your prayers as we journey out to Colorado to join you all in ministry.

God’s deepest peace to you,

The Rev. Dr. Nicholas Myers who comes to us from Indianapolis, Indiana, has been called and has accepted the position of Rector of St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church. He is currently Vicar of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Indianapolis, Indiana, where he has been since September 2015. Prior to St. Paul’s, Nick was Associate Rector of Grace and St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Colorado Springs, Colorado, from July of 2011 to August, 2015. From July of 2009 to June of 2011, he was Assistant Priest at Christ Church, Alexandria, Virginia.

Nick holds a BA from Wabash College (summa cum laude ’05) in Spanish and Religion. He holds a Diploma in Anglican Studies from Berkley Divinity School at Yale (’09), a Master of Divinity from Yale University (magna cum laude ’09), and a Doctor of Ministry from McCormick Theological Seminary (May ’16). While in Colorado, Nick was on the Commission on Ministry and the Congregational Development institute.

img2Nick is married to the Rev. Bethany Davidson Myers.  Bethany is a Vocational Deacon and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. They have two sons Bennett (two and a half) and Lennox (7 months). Bethany is a native Coloradan, having grown up in Loveland, Colorado.

New Rector’s Letter to us

Dear people of St. Timothy’s,

What a gift beyond the telling! We are thrilled to join your community in ministry and shared life together. My wife, Bethany, and I, along with our two young boys, Bennett and Lennox, are looking forward to joining you all very soon and beginning to hear your stories and sharing our own, as we hear God’s call among us.

Over the course of the next several weeks, we will begin to say our goodbyes to our family, friends, and parishioners here at St. Paul’s. I invite your prayers for this time of transition, as you remain in my prayers. In addition, I ask your prayers of thanksgiving for the work your vestry, the bishop’s office, and supply clergy have done over the course of this time of transition. What a gift to see and be a part of this time of engaged faithfulness to St. Timothy’s and the call God has in your common life.

Something that you will soon discover about me is that I love to hear people’s stories. Even now, I am anticipating hearing your own unique story. I look forward to the times we will have to listen to one another; I am ready to learn from you all and, together, begin a new chapter in God’s unfolding love-story among, through and beyond us.


Bethany and I are familiar with the Episcopal Church in Colorado. We have both served churches in Colorado, and have felt, in the words of John Muir, “the mountains calling, and must go.” But it is, in the end, to you that we are called. God has put in our hearts a call to you, the people of St. Tim’s and a call to those who have not yet known the embrace God offers us through Jesus. I am excited to join you in embracing all of God’s people in the love of Jesus—I am filled with hope to see the news ways God will call us to extend this embrace, to take this embrace into new places and to embrace new neighbors.

Your vestry and staff have shown us so much love and welcome—so much embrace already! It is the new life that God offers all people in Christ, as we hear in the first letter of Peter: “Once you were no people, but now you belong to God.” And, I might add, we belong to one another. There is much more good work for the kingdom to be done. Indeed, a lot more! With God’s deep blessing, we will do it together.

With love and deep thanks,

The Rev. Nick Myers